Self​-​Titled EP

by Zunis

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"Self-Titled EP" is the debut release of Zunis' studio work. The band fully formed December 2nd, 2015 and promptly began preparing material for their first release. The inspiration for the material stems from current societal issues such as: crisis of identity, the redundancy of media, climate change, wage slavery, corrupt systems of justice, and institutional racism. These are just a few of the issues that Zunis feels should be primary concerns to their generation. They hope that shedding light on these issues through their material and by providing a nurturing environment through their performances, where passion, love, art, and unity can flourish, that they might change the world one person at a time.


released December 2, 2016

Elijah Dittus.........................Drums
Matthew McMahon............Guitar & Vocals
Nick Meena.........................Bass
Reginald Watson...............Synth & Keys
Audio Engineering / Mixing By Kendall Osbourne @ The Closet Studios
Audio Mastering By Chris Wylie @ Buffalo Hide Mastering
Artwork By Suzanna Smith



all rights reserved


Zunis Tulsa, Oklahoma

Zunis is an indie-psychedelic rock group who are undoubtedly pushing limits and putting a fresh spin on the local music scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their broad influence is evident in the nature of their rock-centric and ethereal sound. Zunis shows their uniqueness in sound through their diverse range of material. Zunis is ambitious in contributing to Tulsa's underground music scene. ... more

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Track Name: ATTN:
It’s been a long time since we have been here.
We might be worse for wear. We’ve seen our share.
If there ever was a need,
Sing all your hopes for man and count with me 2, 3...

The mood is turning now don’t lose your grip.
Reach out for the sky darling, you’ll find your center there.
If there ever was a time
To lose all your hope in man just when you needed it.

Oh, I’ve never seen the stars
This way.
And oh, they’ve never been so in line
With everything
Quite like this.
Track Name: All the Same
Turn around, no, feeling not too sure
About life and all the in between.
After and before.
Fall into...

Line, as I open up the door.
See you on the rock.

Your eyes open up to a raging current, searching for a way
As I sit around and wait for it.
My time has come.
Fall Into...

Line, as I open up the door.
'Cause I’ve seen the other side, and I know what’s right.

Turn around, no, I finally wake to my own.
Indecision is our greatest foe
And I’m telling you now that you’ve lost again.
I finally wake up to the...

Point, and I won’t get tired or run away.
See you on the rock.

Ooh, and I won’t get tired or run away.
'Cause I’ve stared into the dark and I know what’s right.

Afterwards, it's all the same.
Track Name: Cycles
Everyone is in the same boat as far as I can see.
If it flips, we’ll all be swimming.
There’s a war beneath our feet that is worth attention.
For a,
A life worth living.

All of you know
What it takes.

Well the hull is spinning 'round and you can’t fight or stop it.
It’s the nature of, the nature of things.
And the stern is flipping now and you can’t fight or stop it.
It’s the nature of, the Nature of...

All of you know
What it takes.
Track Name: Thoughts / Overtime
I don't care and I am with you through it all and again.
See it all in the rear-view mirror.
It is just, as it is.

We all need
Some kind of relief
Even when our hearts stand strong.
Stay up late.
Wishing all your dreams to play.
Follow through, just as you should.
And forevermore, you spread your wings and say
That you’ll learn to fly on your own.

We’ll be working
That’s 9 to 5
Everyday of our lives.

See it end
And take hold of all your dreams.
Don’t wash away.

We’ll be working
To build your worth and to get what’s yours.

See it end
And take hold of all your dreams.
Don’t wash away.
And I swear I will see you again.
Track Name: A Reprieve
In that flash there came all that you know.
That was sweet innocence, which everyone wants.

Finally I can see
A world where we get along.
Finally I believe
That this world is worth fighting for.

I have never felt the rays like you
And I can’t pretend you’ve felt mine.
But we’re not

Alone in this fight.
We’re not.
We’re not alone in this fight.

I have never felt the ray’s like you
And I can’t pretend you’ve felt mine.
Our Garden in the sky heals all from our demise.

It’s not over for you.